Economically designed gross weighing and Bagging System.
Direct filling granular products by gross-weighing system in which filling and weighing are done at the same time. Designed to place bags at fill-chute directly by swing type feeder. Easy operation and maintenance.
Capacity (bags/hour)
Max. 120* (sewing machine speed is 8m/min.)
Bag size (mm)
L650~850✕W400~440✕GW76 (paper bag 3~4ply)
Filled weight (kg)
25 (20~30)
Machine weight (kg)
Approx. 700
Machine Construction
(1)Bag feeder
50 bags are set on the bag magazine, where the bag mouth is placed at the main body side.
(2)Bag pick-up section
The bag is picked-up one by one and turned in 90°toward filling section.
(3)Bag clamp section
The both side of the bag is clamped. Automatic bag detector confirms the right position of the bag clamp.
(4)Bag opening section
After bag opening by vacuum cup, it will remove away from the bag. At the same time, bag clamp closes each other. Vacuum generator is used for vacuum operation.
(5)Filling section
Expanding spout fills products smoothly into the bag. Bag clamp spread out bag at both gusset of the bag after filling finishes.
(6)Bag carrier, bag bottom tapper
Three load-cells suspend bag clamp and filling section.The automatic zero adjustment is done on the empty bag.
(7)Bag carrier, bag bottom tapper
When filling products, bag carrier moves to filling section and bag bottom tapper lifts up the bag bottom to accelerate the filling products.
(8)Bag former
After the bag is spreaded, press bars at filling section and bag carrier form good shape of the bag.
(9)Bag clamp finger
The clamp bag is carried to sewing machine after bag forming.
(10)Bag sewing machine (Model DS-6AC)
Detecting the bag, the sewing machine operates and bag clamp fingers are released. Detecting the end of the bag, the sewing machine stops.
Bag carrier runs and stops at the fixed position, then the bag is discharged by inclined tapper plate.

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