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The Dutch office of Newlong
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The Dutch office of Newlong is ideally positioned within Amsterdam’s lake district Oude Meer (in Dutch ‘old lake’), just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam city center and within close reach of many other adjacent towns and business parks. Newlong still is the first and only occupant of the building that has been raised from the ground up in 1993 and specially designed to perfectly house two stories. The bottom floor houses a large warehouse, stock room for spare parts and a workshop. The top floor is dedicated for the office space itself.
While the area is still part of a rather busy business park, it is still quiet and surrounded by enough greenery and water to provide home for various wildlife which brings a very familial feel to the place.
The Newlong Holland staff benefits greatly from this ideal positioning, as well as from the large office space that allows them to deploy their daily activities in great harmony. 
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Newlong Holland is comprised of 6 staff members

Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe
Managing Director
Mr. Orkun Baykal
General Manager
Mr. Sebastian Rafiroiu
Sales and Administration
Mr. Vadim Malâci
Sales Representative
Ms. Anna Smolag
Mr. Robert Kisitu
Under the direction Messrs. Watanabe and Baykal, the Newlong staff, thanks to their extensive experience in their respective fields, contribute to the daily activities of the company with ease, passion and professionalism. The general atmosphere is similar to the one of a second family, a fact that only contributes to the wellbeing and generally elevated morale of the staff.


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