One-lined sealing and stitching ensure a perfect closure of paper bag.
One-lined Closure of Paper Bag
Trimming, stitching, heat-sealing (inner PE), and heat seal tape sealing can be done all at one-lined and automatic process.
Simple Adjustment and High Performance
Easy to install and simple to maintain. Efficient and automatic to operate. Advanced technique embodied in its function.
Easy Control of Heater Bar Temperature
Easy to adjust temperature and pressure of heater bar, so that no extra time required when to change bag thickness.
High Level of Sealed and Stitched Closure
Superior at a sift, dust, and insect proof. Products filled in bag can be completely protected.

Carrier chain

Positively holds the upper part of bag all the way through the sealing process, to eliminate stitch failure nor lagging

Heat seal tape (Over Tape)

Automatically folded at the center, and applied over trimmed bag top. Automatic cut after over tape sealed.

Dust cleaner(option)

Vacuum opens the inner PE film liner in the bag mouth, and an air blast removes contamination in seal area for a positive seal.

Heater Bar

Easy to control temperature and pressure to suit bag thick-ness.Upto six pairs of heater bars can be installed for efficient performance.

Sealer height adjustment

Sealer height can be changed by handle. Whole sealing unit can be moved vertically, so that the height is quickly and easily adjusted.

Code printer (NP-1), (option)

Code number or date can be printed by roller coder. A one-rotation clutch ensures accurate printing position. Print type is easily replaced.


For paper bag with and without inner PE film


Inner bag seal and overtape seal after bag top folding without stitching.
Sift-proof closure of paper bag prevents product contamination.


Recommended for plain-stitch before heat seal tape sealing, e.g.
KS-12, KS-13, KS-14, etc.
1,050 r.p.m.(normal)
Stitch width
7.6mm. (fixed)
7-8 m/min.

Standard Specification

Paper bag

Paper bag w/inner PE film

Paper bag w/inner PE film

Paper bag w/inner PE film (w/o stitching)

Paper bag

First stitched, then heat seal tape sealed for sift-proof closure.

Paper bag w/inner PE film

First seals inner PE and then stitches over seal line.

Paper bag w/inner PE film (w/o stitching)

dust cleaner (for inner PE film)
outer lamination remover
cutter (for cut tape)
score cutter
tape holder
code printer




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