Model HS-series heat sealers for various kinds of heavy-duty polyethylene bag
The HS Series has been developed by NEWLONG based on its extensive experience over years in producing machines for all types of bags. The machine closes bags filled with rice, animal feed, fertilizer, salt, food and any other granular and powdery products quickly and continuously. Diverse models include HS-22, HS-22D, HS-32+1P, HS-33 and HS-53.The HS Heat Sealer seals heavy-duty PE bags made of various kinds of bag material.
Both PE bags and inner PE layer bags can be sealed owing to the band seal system employed.
Steel band and Teflon band system are available. The user can select either steel or teflon band depending on the type of bags and the product.
The teflon band has a smaller after-heat, and is easily cooled. It produces smooth seal surfaces, and is most suitable for PE bags (service life is approximately 3 times that of a steel band).
The steel band has an after-heat, which makes it suitable for sealing PE laminated woven cloth bags.
Mode HS Heat Sealer
a.Both water and air cooling systems are incorporated. The user can use any of them depending on the type of bag, packaging environment, etc.
b.Optional devices include over-tape unit, bag top trimmer, dust remover and imprinter.
c.The horizontal type is also available. It is used for bag making.
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Dust remover
Bag top trimmer

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