Continuous rotary-filling system
Maximum capacity of 2,000 bags per hour available by means of four Rotary Stations, each one of which has its own independent function and works continuously at a uniform speed. Once empty bag is fed, all further operation is done automatically.
Max. capacity (bags/hour)
Bag materials
Bag materials a. Kraft paper bag, pinch-bag
b. PP/PE woven-cloth bag (inner laminated)
c. Mono-polyethylene bag
Filled weight (kg)
Bag size available (mm)
Power required (kW)
Approx.13 (not included for sewing machine or heat sealer)
Air consumption (Nℓ/min.)
1,400 (0.5MPa)
Machine weight (kg)
6CM-P Functional Scheme

Pinch-bag sealer


KS series Heat sealer

Paper bag closed with seat seal tape
Paper bag with inner PE sealed

HS series Heat sealer

PE mono-ply bag (Heat seal available)

A series Bag closing machine

Paper bag stitched with sreoe tale
PP/PE woven cloth bag

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