Suitable for bagging rice products into polyethylene bags.
1. Volume weighing or gravity weighing can be chosen for the machine. According to (granular or powder) products to be bagged, feeder applications (screw feeder, cut-off gate, belt feeder, etc.) shall be selected to utilize the machine in various fields.

2. Down-sizing and simplifying the mechanism.

3. Any other heat sealer in downstream is not necessary because the impulse sealer is pre-installed on the main machine.
Capacity (bags/hour)
max,350(depending on products, bag size and bag materials)
Bag Materials
Mono-polyethylene bag
Filled Capacity (liter)
Power Required (kW)
Bag Size Available (mm)
L600-800 × W390-500
Vacuum pump
Air consumption (Nℓ/min.,0.5MPa)
Machine Dimension (m)
Approx. L1.5 × W2.0 × H3.0
Machine Weight (kg)
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Impulse sealer

The same pre-installed impulse sealer that has been experienced on model 3CM-52 is mounted under filling spout on the machine. So the mechanism is very compact.

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